A 22-year old virgin visits the Paris wellhead of sex and is disillusioned

The Sergeant Major was momentarily diverted from his bitterness at DeGaulle when I came in from a night of drinking and dancing in Paris, escorted by two colonel’s daughters in a VW, and headed for the Alka Seltzer. I told him nothing happened with the eldest, who coolly thanked him for being allowed to “borrow” me — and that the younger stared daggers at me all the way back to post, because I got the front seat and she was relegated to the back. “That’s the stuff,” the old soldier said. “Always plead not guilty…”

An Army tale from the late unlamented Cold War

short from my first published collection

Ish’s Iliad wanders into Arizona

another chapter from the novel

experiment from old typed notes

c/f internet Saint Louis promotional material

From The Duck Hunter Diaries Volume 3.

Bill Burkett

Professional writer, Pacific Northwest. 20 Books: “Sleeping Planet” 1964 to “Venus Mons Iliad” 2018–19. Most on Amazon for sale. Il faut d’abord durer.

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