A Succubus Success Story

Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

Once upon a time I wrote headlines for newspapers and magazines. The whole idea of a headline of course is to attract the reader’s attention.

Ah so long ago. Nowadays the conventional wisdom on Medium is that your headline must beguile or you will be ignored. True so far for me. Scores of efforts garner one or two views. A few get views in the teens. Once in a while I crack 20. Less often, 30. Rarely 40 or more.

And sometimes zero. Zero for days and days. Here’s four examples:

A Death in Seattle*


Vive La France

Approaching the Equinox

Usually entries including the word “sex” get more hits. But the one that stands alone, with more that four times more views than any other, only alluded to sex. Medium readers must be intellectuals:

Succubus Dreams: 479 and still going up. Go figure.

  • 498 now. Meaning 19 more views since I published this five days ago. Yet zero views of this post. Go figure twice. Will “Succubus Dreams” be my first post to crack 500?

March 17: 516 views, and still not one hit on my second post mentioning succubus.

  • March 31: 576 views. Still none here.

April 11: 618! I was shooting low in March wondering if it would crack 500. And still not one view of this post whose title includes what I thought was the magic word: “succubus.”



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Bill Burkett

Professional writer, Pacific Northwest. 20 Books: “Sleeping Planet” 1964 to “Venus Mons Iliad” 2018–19. Most on Amazon for sale. Il faut d’abord durer.