Going, Going…

Bill Burkett
1 min readMay 29, 2021
Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash

I keep getting stories from Medium on the scores and hundreds and thousands of readers about which writers brag. Interspersed with all kinds of advice about how to join their rarefied ranks.

Grabby headlines. Dramatic photos. Superb writing (a somewhat subjective suggestion). So forth and so on. Only once in my time has the algorithm said I cracked a thousand views. It was all downhill from there. To single digits per day many times. Even on odd days when the count was up to 40, or almost, I had no idea what they were looking at. Because most-recent posts are roundly ignored.

For instance: of my last ten, the below six earned a total of ZERO. (The other four each got one view.

Four total views for ten posts. Kind of like keeping a diary and you have the only key. Or emitting a short burst of static into a static-filled ether.

Reminds me of the old tuna-fish TV commercial: “Sorry, Charlie. Not good enough for…” was it Starkist?

Maybe it’s time to adjust the squelch and make this stuff vanish.

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