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Hero To A Goat In No Time At All

She was a shining example of modern-day policing, the documentary suggested. Not content to let the dead past bury its dead, determined to excavate a series of cold cases closed long ago with a single arrest of an alleged serial killer. She was listening to long-ignored families of victims who did not believe the narrative; did not believe their loved relative was taken by the man convicted of other, similar crimes. For decades they felt marginalized, ignored, their blood crying out for justice for their blood.

She said however long it took, whatever dark avenues needed followed, her department would pursue the truth wherever it led. Justice delayed is justice denied, but it still is better than no justice at all. I watched her interviews as many did, and it seemed to me she spoke truth. Seemed she was the right chief to press unrelentingly through on behalf of slain black children and young men dumped in and around Atlanta like so much garbage. Principled, ethical, perhaps even a bit heroic.

Full stop. One of her Atlanta cops shot and killed a black man at a Wendy’s Drive Through while vast protests raged about a cop’s murder of a black man in Minneapolis.

The news said the man fell asleep waiting in his car for his order. Cops decided he must be driving drunk and required a field sobriety test. Whatever the test showed — accounts were vague — they decided to arrest him. He resisted. It is said at one point video shows he got possession of a cop’s taser. Not said: how many taser blasts he received, if any. A lot of cops wear a taser gun on their weak side, butt forward, like Wild Bill Hickock, for a cross-draw. Which presents the butt nicely to an antagonist. No report on whether that’s how he got hold of it in this scuffle. In any event, he ran. Ran right out of camera range. Not his best idea. Not out of audio pickup though. Bang bang bang. “Got him!”

So the black female mayor of Atlanta fired the white female police chief, who had been a media darling for reopening the cold cases of black-child serial murder. This aligns with all human history: the use of a sacrificial goat to propitiate the angry gods. Or in this case the angry mobs.

Nary a word about what this will mean to the cold-case search for final truth about the murdered black children of Atlanta. Anybody want to hazard a guess how long that investigation will survive the termination of the woman who was its driving force?



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Bill Burkett

Bill Burkett

Professional writer, Pacific Northwest. 20 Books: “Sleeping Planet” 1964 to “Venus Mons Iliad” 2018–19. Most on Amazon for sale. Il faut d’abord durer.