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Around seven months ago I posted a screed about commercialism and commercials. About companies that just…stop…making perfectly adequate things. And about video advertisements that clutter up YouTube music videos. Most egregious of the latter are those cut without warning into a long piece of classical music. Bad enough you had to wait to click skip ads to get to Beethoven; now the damn ads just pop right into the movements.

During the seven-month or so period, my diatribe recorded ZERO views, let alone reads. Scanning back to when I first posted here, a cursory inspection indicates it is my oldest totally ignored post. It was entitled:

Customer Complaint

Today I’m not up for another diatribe. Or anything fun or creative. On a whim I decided to find my oldest totally ignored post. Then thought what the hell, few read anything I write here so post something else easily ignored. And this is it.

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