Thank you for letting me know there's a TV series on this. I never found the original novel but really enjoyed the movie. And how it handled time travel questions. I've struggled with those for sixty years.

I started writing a time travel novel in 1963 and never have quite finished it, it grew to two volumes as the permutations spun out. Then the pandemic and a publisher buyout stopped the completion of volume two. A lot has changed since the armadillo crossed the Florida highway that night and caused the '59 T-Bird to spin out of control and kill the newlyweds.

Many various takes have been posited on time's arrow, most famously Hawking's I suppose. Then there's the "Mandela effect": people who absolutely remember things that everybody else does not.

I already had explained that phenomenon back in the sixties. My early Newtonian, Einsteinian- relativist, quantum-distusting editor called it fantasist not science fiction. Now I approach 79 years, somewhat daunted by the overweening hubris of a teenager figuring he could cram everything into one story--the intersection of time's arrow and cupid's arrow included. The story may remained unfinished.

It would be a clever plot twist for the old dried-up writer to sldeslip in time and find himself pounding that old Remington manual typewriter inventing the time story. Or did that already happen? Is that what inspired a 17-year-old with little previous interest in time travel to begin the tale?

Think I'll go start watching the Time Traveler's Wife.


Professional writer, Pacific Northwest. 20 Books: “Sleeping Planet” 1964 to “Venus Mons Iliad” 2018–19. Most on Amazon for sale. Il faut d’abord durer.

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